API Documentation



The following requirements can be obtained/set via contacting support.

 API Key

  - The API key provided by the Leak-Lookup staff.

 Static IP or CIDR Range (Optional)

  - Restrict API access to an IP or a range of IP addresses.


Leak-Lookup's API is easy to use. Clients must send a POST request to the URL address specified below:



Each request should contain the type and key field.

Each successful request that utilizes the query field (and returns content) will increment your daily request count by 1.

type - This is the column/field to search.

query - This is your search query.

key - This is your API key.

Accepted Values

The fields specified below can be used within the type field to perform more precise searches.

domain email_address fullname  ipaddress phone password username

Please note certain domains have been blacklisted due to abuse concerns.


Here are some command line examples using curl, replace {API_KEY} with the API key provided to you.

curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}[email protected]'

curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}&type=username&query=david.smith'

curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}&type=ipaddress&query='

curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}&type=domain&query=example.com'


curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}&type=count'

curl 'https://leak-lookup.com/api/search' -d 'key={API_KEY}&type=hash&query={PASSWORD_HASH}'


Leak-Lookup provides a free API service in the applications listed below:




All of the above commands will return a valid JSON response.

Please note; Fields change from index to index, we have provided a list of available fields and have tried to standardize them across all indexes.

Standard Response:

    "error": "false",
    "message": {
        "sitename": [
                "column1": "value1",
                "column2": "value2"
        "sitename2": [
                "column1": "value1",
                "column2": "value2",
                "column3": "value3",

Column Index:

address address1 address2 country  email_address firstname ipaddress lastname middlename mobile number  password phone postcode salt state userid username zip  zipcode

Error Response:

    "error": "true",
    "message": "error_string"

Error Messages:

REQUEST LIMIT REACHED - Your api limit has been reached, please wait until your daily allowance renews.
INACTIVE API KEY      - Your api key is inactive, please contact support.
INVALID API KEY	      - Your api key is invalid, please contact support.
MISSING API KEY       - Your query is invalid, please refer to the documentation above

Example Response:

    "error": "false",
    "message": {
                "email_address":"[email protected]",
                "email_address":"[email protected]",
                "email_address":"[email protected]",

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions or queries you may have.
We'll get to you within 24 hours.

How do I obtain an API key?

Depending on the requirement's the support team will delegate a public/private API key to your account.

Public or Private API key?

Depending on your circumstance's the support team can provide you with either a public or private API key.

Public API keys are restricted to only return the site name of the searched query.

Private API keys are not-restricted in this manor and return all indexed columns for the provided search query.

Public API keys are generally free, although subject to a low request rate (per day).

Private API keys are orientated towards security teams/businesses/organisations and are therefore subject to overhead charges.

What payment methods are currently supported?

Although Bitcoin is our main payment method on the front-end, we do offer full invoicing for any/all API customers.
Please feel free to contact our support team.

Are there any free alternatives?

Leak-Lookup.com provides a free public API key for the projects; Spiderfoot, H8Mail

Feel free to contact support for your own unique public API key (please note public API keys only display the site name)

Do you sell API access to just anyone?

The simple answer is 'no', any tool or service can be abused.

All of our API customers must adhere to our Terms of Service and must strictly vet any searches performed using their API key.