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Manage your data breach risk with our easy-to-use search engine

Leak-Lookup allows you to search across thousands of data breaches to stay on top of credentials that may have been compromised, allowing you to proactively stay on top of the latest data leaks with ease.

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Last updated: 2023-06-01
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The creators came together when they realized they had a vast trove of data that could be of great value to pentesters seeking weaknesses in client passwords and those concerned about which of their credentials have been leaked into the wild.

Designed for ease-of-use.

Whether it's custom integration utilizing our API or manual interaction using our front-end services, Leak-Lookup aims to make monitoring data breaches simple and easy.


Data Breaches

Whether for commercial or personal use, stay up-to-date with the latest data breaches using our easy-to-use API.


Threat Intelligence

Credential stuffing attacks are on the rise; does anyone within your organization re-use the same password across platforms? Utilize our service to ensure strict password policies are enforced.


Private Listings

Always looking forward, Leak-Lookup invests all of its profits back into securing the latest data breaches (leaks/dumps) as they become available, ensuring that as well as historical data, Leak-Lookup becomes a field leader in credential monitoring.


No Contracts

Leak-Lookup charges per-lookup, meaning no time-commitment, rolling contract, or other complications. You pay one credit per search unlocked; this will allow you to view all results for the searched query. Users can search for free but are limited to restricted results.