Frequently asked questions

Do you accept any other payment methods?

Currently, we only support Bitcoin and XMR as primary payment methods.

In extreme circumstances, we may offer b2b invoicing via a reseller, and we may expand upon this in the future.

Do you offer a free trial?

All users can search using our front-end service for free.

However, we do not offer trials for unlocking data.

What if I decide to cancel my plan?

Leak-Lookup charges per-lookup, meaning no time-commitment, rolling contract, or other complications.

All users can delete their accounts at any time under the account settings section.

Can I view plain-text passwords?

We make no attempts to modify any imported data. Columns labeled as "password" can either be encrypted/hashed or plain-text; this depends on the breach.

Do you sell API access to anyone?

The simple answer is 'no', any tool or service can be abused.

All of our API customers must adhere to our Terms of Service and must strictly vet any searches performed using their API key.

Public or Private key?

Public keys are restricted to only return the breach names for the searched query.

Public keys are generally free, although subject to a low request rate (per day).

Private keys are orientated towards security teams/businesses/organisations and are therefore subject to overhead charges.

How often are breaches indexed?

We aim to index breaches as soon as they're available; however, there may be a delay before a breach is imported due to formatting reasons.

Free alternatives?

Leak-Lookup provides every user with a free public API key that can be used in the following projects;

SpiderFoot, H8Mail, iKy

Can I download the full breach?

Due to legal and ethical reasons, we cannot provide users with the raw breach files or disclose our source.

Can I get more than 10,000 results?

The limit is in place to safeguard and help protect from abuse.

If your search query returns more than 10,000 results, please contact support for a manual export.